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Eligibility - modification of a building

2013-11-07 #17

If you are not privileged to modify a building, then you should request this permission when clicking once on button, which is displayed on the top of the buildings site. This step is a pre-condition if a deletion of a building would be required.

Deletion of a building

2013-11-05 #16

Within a recent OSAP update, deletion of a building was enabled. Please use this feature carefully.

All buildings

2013-11-01 #15

Within an overview, all buildings are available.

Security improvement

2013-10-29 #14

Within various Alpha tests, an integration was performed to avoid manipulation of uniform resource locators.

Feature or bug?

2013-10-28 #13

When toggling the OSM map, a center function will be executed. This could cause a shifting of the map. Feature by the way.

Marker at startup with empty coordinates

2013-10-25 #12

Due to various acceptance tests, the marker is not showed at the startup for new buildings.

Browser Recommendation

2013-10-24 #11

For your information --- Due to various tests, Google Chrome can be recommended.

Account settings

2013-10-17 #10

An OSAP update was committed. The account settings were extended with a home country option and a metres vs. yards option.

TAN support

2013-10-15 #9

OSAP has been updated in order to provide even better support for TAN-based users.

Internationalization update

2013-09-25 #8

OSAP has been updated in order to provide even better support for international users. We now welcome contributers from all over the world to help us establish our building database!

Mobile version is online

2013-01-24 #7

We have just launched the mobile version of the OSAP site. If you connect with from a mobile device like your smartphone or tablet, you will automatically be forwarded to the site optimized for mobile devices (which is, however, just one click away from the normal page). Moreover, OSAP now supports geolocation grabbing through your browser: If you are in the field with your smartphone, just enable GPS positioning and OSAP will find and fill in your current coordinates automatically

Registration now open

2012-11-15 #6

OSAP is now publicly open for registering accounts. Registering your account is easy and secure, just follow the Sign up link a the left side. Moreover, if you don't want to register an account, you may also just request a TAN: A TAN will allow you to do one-time modifications to OSAP without a user account, for example, if you just want to add your own home to the OSAP database.

Search engine ready

2012-08-07 #5

The building search engine is now ready for use. Searches can be done by street name, ZIP code, city and by location and radius. The latter option enabled you to pin a location on the map, and start searching for all buildings within a specified radius.

Database launched

2012-07-25 #4

The database has finally been fully launched. All available buildings are now contained in the database. Moreover, adding new buildings as well as editing information of existing ones is now possible. Together with a new input validation and error handling procedure, many other minor updates have been made.

Archive now map-viewable

2012-07-23 #3

The global building archive is now fully viewable on the map. All buildings are pinned on the map via clickable markers, which provide direct linking to the building details, which may be updated if some information is missing.

OpenStreetMap integration done

2012-07-21 #2

As the formular about addings new buildings to the database is iteratively developed further, we have finally managed to add OpenStreetMap integration for easy point-and-click GPS coordinate retrieval.

Hello World!

2012-07-10 #1

Welcome to the very first pre-alpha release of OSAP! We will continuously add new features as the time goes by, so be sure to check back some time soon.